The Way We See It

At Robert Young we have been specialising in original antique Folk Art and Vernacular Furniture for over 30 years and find that there is still something exciting, unexplored and subtly sophisticated about the unpretentious creations of inspired artisans and “Folk Artists”.

Our aim is to seek out and exhibit authentic works which have character, style and integrity and we believe that such pieces represent the raw spirit of creativity and a powerful form of expression.

Works of Folk Art are artistically uninhibited and not constrained by the dictates of fashion or mainstream art theory or practice. They therefore invariably have engagingly original qualities which have inspired artists and designers and can in turn move and excite viewers and collectors.

Almost by definition each piece is unique and generally boasts an intriguing surface texture, (whether worn, weathered, raw, painted, or richly polished and patinated), which reflects its age and function and enhances its individuality.

Experience has shown us that such pieces are curiously compelling and can be complimentary to and compatible with antique and contemporary works and lend a sense of individuality and style to both modern and traditional interior spaces.